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    Excel Expert Services

    I'm an Excel expert with a wide range of skills that can greatly benefit your business. Over the years, I have helped more than 34 companies save time and money through my expertise in Excel and VBA macros. From simple tasks to complex projects, I have the experience to handle them all.

    As a business and finance manager/analyst with programming skills, I offer a unique combination that is hard to find. I can not only analyze and manage your financial data but also create executive dashboards that CEOs can quickly understand. By automating the entire data stream, I ensure efficiency and accuracy in your reporting processes.


    Here's a list of my skills and areas of expertise:

    - Dashboards, Scorecards, and Executive Summaries: I can design and develop visually appealing and intuitive dashboards that provide key insights for decision-makers.

    - Automation: I specialize in using VBA macros and advanced lookups/formulas to automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort.

    - Advanced calculations and Pivot Tables: I am proficient in performing complex calculations and utilizing Pivot Tables to analyze data effectively.

    - Nielsen reporting and analysis: I have expertise in reporting and analyzing data related to various industries, including OTC, Consumer Healthcare, Seafood, Meat, and more.

    - QuickBooks integration: I can automate the extraction and analysis of data from QuickBooks, creating Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboards for comprehensive financial reporting.

    - Processing, manipulating, and analyzing large datasets: I have the skills to handle large sets of data, ensuring accuracy and extracting meaningful insights.

    - Breaking/Removing passwords on sheets: I can assist in accessing protected sheets by breaking or removing passwords, regardless of the Excel version.

    - Formatting: I can make your Excel files visually appealing while emphasizing important data points for easier interpretation.

    - Optimizing files for size and speed: I have the expertise to optimize your files, reducing their size and significantly improving calculation time.

    - Providing simple and efficient solutions: I believe in keeping things simple and easy to understand. I strive to make your Excel models faster, more intuitive, and easily modifiable.

    - Compatibility: I am proficient in working with both Windows and Mac platforms.

    - Custom solutions: I am capable of handling a wide range of tasks beyond the mentioned skills. If you have a specific requirement, I can make it happen.

    In addition to my technical skills, I offer a long-term partnership approach. I'm looking for permanent clients whom I can support throughout their Excel projects. I will be there to assist you at any step of the Excel system and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

    With my expertise, I can make your Excel processes faster, more efficient, and easier to manage. Let's collaborate and achieve your business goals together. Feel free to reach out to discuss your specific needs and how I can assist you.